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Anera is a 1v1 local multiplayer platform shooter, made during the month of March for the 'One Game A Month' challenge. The game pits two players in a best of 7 deathmatch with a random map and mode every round (4 maps and 4 modes total). The game requires 2 Xbox controllers to play.


  • Left analog stick to move
  • Right analog stick to aim
  • Left trigger to jump
  • Right trigger to shoot


  • 'The Usual' - Normal mode, 3 shots to kill
  • 'Lights Out' - Dark mode, 2 shots to kill
  • 'It's Jammed!' - Rapid, constant firing, inaccurate, 4 shots to kill
  • 'Quickscopes Only' - Shot needs to charge, stops movement, 1 shot to kill

Art by Vector Arcade

Music by Sparklin Labs


Anera-1.0.exe 25 MB

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